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Speaker | Coach

Movement Specialist and Embodiment Business Coach

Angela McMillan

An extraordinary life starts with your well-being

Angela helps you discover how becoming more self-aware can positively impact your performance in aspects of your life.

In her coaching programs OR speaking at your events.

How I Can Help?

Angela McMillan doing yoga on the beach at sunrise

Support, Motivation, and Inspiration to create a healthy relationship with your body.

Join us inside the Movement Online Academy we created this online space to navigate as a community a rapidly changing and uncertain world together, find focus, inspiration, energy, and good health so that we can grow together, find freedom from anxiety and build resilience and discouver how to better process our emotions, deepen our self-compassion, and gain a better understanding of ourselves.


Angela McMillan sitting at her computer in front of a fireplace

Need help taking your business online?

Embodiment Business Network helps movement specialists (Feldenkrais, Yoga, Pilates, Somatics,  Fitness) understand how online tools fit together to grow your business, find your ideal clients and make sales.

Even if you think you suck at social media, technology confuses you, or have an icky feeling when you hear the word sales.

A simplified online strategy and
technology guide.

Angela McMillan is an event speaker

Book Angela to Speak At Your Event

Angela shares what is at the cutting edge of neuroscience and brain/body connection and how anyone can enhance their business and life with movement.

“Angela’s message is very powerful and timely in today’s world. She connects with her audience in an inspiring and empowering way and leaves everyone wanting more.”

Sam Cawthorn

CEO & Founder of Speakers Institute

Awareness In Motion

Awareness In Motion offers interviews with professionals in neuromuscular movement, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing.

Join Angela as she explore the new scientific understanding around stretching, strengthening and how pain works.

Angela McMillan at the beach sitting in a heart sculpture

A note from Angela

Hey New Friend,

I’m passionate about sharing the fascinating world of the brain and using neuromuscular science-based movement to build resilience, lower stress, reduce body pain and increase health, happiness, and creativity.

I help women and go-getter entrepreneurs balance business success with their personal health and happiness.

As an online marketing coach, I help movement specialists and wellness coaches build online systems, make sales, and grow epic brands without burnout.

I believe in today’s uncertain and evolving world the importance of being self-aware has never been more important.


When circumstances overwhelm you, may find it difficult to make decisions, sleep patterns are disrupted, productivity decreases, relationships suffer, and more…this happens because your brain is focused on keeping you safe.

Which leaves you feeling confused, lost, fearful, alone, and anxious about your future.

Breathe. I got your back.

There is a way out.

I believe you have right tools within you create life of calm, focus, and peace. The key to unlocking is self-awareness.

I understand emotions can overwhelm. When you become more self-aware you can find ways to reduce these negative emotions.

Angela McMillan in front of graffiti wall full of people

Here’s how self-awareness can be enhanced

AND steps within the Embodiment Business Network coaching offers:

 Step 1:


Slow down, Listen

Notice your habits. How can you change anything while in motion? Slowing down moves you out of a fight, flight, freeze mode into a feeling of calm and peace.


Business success starts by having the fundamentals in place, a focused mindset, a clear plan forward, and knowing what to focus on at the stage you are in business. Stop going around in circles.

Step 2:

Get Curious – Explore your options

What are you currently doing that isn’t helping you?  What can you do instead? What is best for you? Break the habits that are keeping you stuck.


In business, you will create your unique personal brand. Gain greater clarity on your messaging and positioning so that sales come easily. Understand how you can stand out online, and build a sustainable and profitable business unique to you.

Step 3:

Integrate your knowledge

Learn new ways of moving and thinking. From a place of calm, you can redefine what success looks like for you.

Discovering self-awareness is a lifelong journey. It never ends.


Create your signature offer [online program] and build the ecosystem [systems and processes] that will support your unique business model so that you to make sales effortlessly. Building a successful business is a process, and continued personal development is a huge piece. 

Angela McMillan doing yoga in front of a blue graffiti wall
In the meantime, join the Movement Online Academy community to know you are making moves towards a place of calm, peace, confidence, and inner wellbeing.

So you can stop feeling confused, fearful, stressed, and anxious. Reduce body pain. Move with confidence.

AND take intentional actionable steps that will get you to where you truly feel at peace.

Meet the Dream team and

Come hang out with us in the Movement Online Academy Community.

Simplify Your Online Marketing
Gain Clarity, Confidence, Certainty

Join the Embodiment Business Network

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